Inner Ocean Shade Technical Services WebsiteShade is an expert with helping non-profits reach their goals by using available resources. We have helped non-profits to reduce their costs by signing ones that qualify up for free email, online advertising, and messenger services. Shade can help non-profits set up an inexpensive computer network, target donations through online marketing and websites, and keeping productivity high by providing near 100% uptime.

Not only does Shade help non-profits with computer networks and websites, but it also handles daily IT needs for a reduced cost compared to our competition.  Shade cleans computers, repairs hardware issues, fixing networking problems, and can create a budget for non-profits, so there are less unexpected IT costs.

The real benefit Shade offers non-profits is the ability to have someone at your location who can talk to you about your budget, computers, websites, and network all at the same time.  We also offer immediate remote assistance and after hours work when needed.